A Housewife's Journal
A Housewife's Journal

birthday prep - stef4

I do not know what to prepare for Stefani's 4th birthday. All I know is that we are celebrating it in Isabela and that there will be a small get-together for her. Since it is not a milestone birthday, I think I'll just prepare some lootbags for the kids who would come over. 

She said she wanted a Barbie Themed Birthday, and so that's what we will be having. I'll just get a dozen of mylar balloons and some small things that we will put on her lootbags. Maybe a sticker booklet or coloring books plus some bubbles. I'll just post her invitation on facebook so that friends and relatives can see it. No need to have it printed, though I would have one printed at the shop where affordable zoo brochure printing is, if I needed to have one. 

The venue would just be at home. We can set-up the kiddie pool so she and her cousins can enjoy a little splash. I can get them some water toys as well. We'll add some balloons near the pool area and some banners and some decors on the garden and ...ideas are just pouring in. I might as well give in too...

More than anything else, it would be something that she won't forget  

graduation day

Achi is graduating from Prep by the end of March. Just one more exam for today and they will just have practice for the succeeding days. It is nice that from Friday, they moved the graduation day to a Saturday. Tatay G will not have to file for another leave but he has to pass to a possible overtime (in case there is one for him). 

Unlike last year, they will not buy any costume for this year's presentation. Any dress will do, which is better on our part. But still, I want to buy her a new dress since I wasn't able to get her one on her birthday. Stef would have one too because she is celebrating her birthday on April. I am starting to browse online for a seller who can provide for our needs. If budget permits, I might avail one for myself too. I found katydid clothing and it fits my need for clothes but they don't offer clothes for the little ones yet. I'll just look for another supplier ... or we could resort to the nearest mall, in case it won't be delivered in time for the graduation. 

its called a baul

I cannot find the more appropriate term for it -- but in Filipino, its more of baul. This is what our sofa looks like. We have it made by our reliable carpenter. The concept was that we have a chair and below/under it are compartments where we can put items for storage. We just bought foam cushions and placed it on top of it. We covered the chair with nice looking cloth and that's it. But now our chair needs a new upholstery. It has been 5 years since then and it needs a major change on its cover. The foam is still intact and in good quality. I just need the budget for this

2/100 happy days

Apple Ipad Mini 2 - finally bought this. Dad has been insisting that I go to the mall and look for one, for MJ. Finally, Mark went here and we found a great deal. 

Plus the kids got to go to SM, rode the carousel, ate donut -- on a weekday. Tiring but fun  

Stef's 4th

Stefani is turning 4 this April. I haven't started planning for her celebration yet because we plan to have it in Cauayan.It will just be a simple get together with friends and families that we haven't seen for the past year. But she wanted a Barbie theme for it. I am thinking of buying her birthday loots at Divisoria this weekend. Just a few lootbags, several Barbie items and that's it. What is important is that I buy her something Barbie. A look-alike will do and a lot of clothes for it. As for the printables, there's the web 2 print solutions that I can run to. These will include the banner, invitations and several gift tags. She will surely feel elated with it... she's so easy to please. Such a darling little girl, my Stefani.  


During Gwen Mari's first year, when she was our only child, we gave several personalized items to friends and families for Christmas. It gave us overwhelming responses. These items include several DIY quotations which we printed on sticker paper and pasted on a hard wood and a gift tag with our family picture and name printed. The recipients were happy because they felt special, given personalized things.

As early as now, I already have plans of making a Christmas card which we would send out even before December (the last one that we had were not sent again, for the nth time ). I wanted the same idea of having our family picture printed on a special paper or postcard and envelop and we'll just address it to the recipients. But the problem is, we do not have a nice family picture yet. The one that we had which was taken last January was already posted on our FB account, which means we have to wait for something nice. It is okay... until October. I hope we would be able to find a local postcard printing that would cater to our needs. I have someone in mind, I'll just have to confirm

With regards to other gifts... maybe, I'll just pass too --except for inaanaks who are within the area and the kids in the family

good vibes

Praying that today will be a good day. That we receive more purchases and more inquries to start transactions with future buyers. That the kids will behave so I can accomplish more chores. That no one gets sick...
I lift everything to you Lord. Glory be to You.

great buy

These days, I seldom go to the mall to buy items that I can just buy in Divisoria or Baclaran. Since I frequent these places, I just try to look for the things that we need there. But yesterday, I went to the mall and availed of the Payday Sale. The things I bought were for little Tamtam, my sister's baby. I bought several feeding bottles and accessories. I also got a lot of diapers -- for the newborn, Gari and Miggy  

If given the chance, I would love to get a new camera. A DSLR is good but I cannot avail it yet. I would love to get one similar with the cool olympus ls-100 at musicians friend, if I could. The one that I am using now, Kodak Easy Share is about to give up. There are instances when I get blurred shots even if I am careful with how I hold the unit. The camera is another MUST for the online shop. It is an investment to be able to give good pictures to possible buyers.

a website

I really, really want to have my own site. This is happening really soon. I have listed several people who can help me with my dream. 2 actually, but with their rates, I am still thinking on whom I can talk well. Someone who could answer me in layman's term and at the same time someone who could bring out the best for the site. I am still working on my budget, but it is not that difficult since I really want to have the site with the cart...

Why should I have my own site? Because of the convenience that it could give me. I can get orders settled even if I do not deal with the buyers directly. They just send order and the cart does the computation plus send the details. It is like using fishman amplifier at guitar center, it makes the business speak for itself. 

1/100 happy days

I decided to start today instead  
This makes me happy -- being able to blog without the kids around. That is, during the day and with Spiderman on the side. It is very seldom that I have a computer with me and a television with no one bothering me. Such a heaven -- if only I had taken a bath earlier  


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