missing my dad's barrio

I was born in my dad's barrio. This is a small barrio in Isabela. When I was born, my dad and grandparents didn't bother bringing my mom to the hospital because we were in the good hands of a midwife (who later on became my ninang, godmother). Few months after I was born, we transferred to a nearby town because of my dad's work. From then on, we would just go back to the barrio every summer vacation. I was very fond of this place, no matter how outdated everything was. I remember my grandparent's house, it was one of the most fashionable houses then.   There were even wood shutters covering their windows.

I also remember that if I wanted to go to the rice fields, I need to wake up early. In the morning, I would help cook the tenants' lunch and after that I can do anything I want already. I would stay in the 'bahay-kubo' and read my books or I would go with the people and stay under the sun. I like the latter more because when an ice cream vendor passes by our area, my dad would buy everyone an ice buko. In the afternoon, I would ride on top of the jeepney or 'kuliglig' and watch other people walking on their way home.

Summer has been the best in this part of the country. After the harvest, usually on the month of May, the town fiesta is held. This gives me the reason to go out at night and be with my friends. We would play in the  'perya' (small carnival) or watch the 'pasala' (dances for couples getting married).

I usually feel sad when the end of May approaches. This means that it's time to go home again. Back to the city where everything is more complicated. When I have to think of real life again... this time, when I visit Esperanza (this is the name of my dad's barrio) again I will reminisce the happy childhood that I had, and that includes the time when my inang was still around and healthy.

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