n@w thurs Qs 2

I wanted to share my answers for this weeks Thurs Qs on n@w... very timely

"Getting Ready for Father's Day" Thursday Q's:

1. What "pet name" did your father call you when you were little? Feel free to elaborate on the name's history (If you didn't have one,
what do you wish you were called by him back then)
- My dad calls me darling when he is naglalambing. He would call me such if wants me to make coffee for him or he has an errand for me to do. On ordinary days, he'd call me Lou.

2. What qualities does your husband have in common with your father? (good & bad)
- Good muna... both are responsible men and loves their family so much. Good provider that tends to spoil their family. They have good sense of humor, though not many people see this from my dad.
- Bad ... really bad, masamang magalit. Strict and disciplinarian.

3. What was your first impression of your father-in-law the first time you met him or were introduced to him?
- He is a typical military man. Silent and observant.

4. What 3 words can describe your hubby as a father?
- Since we are expecting, I can already answer this in some way...
he is makulit, responsible and loving

5. What do you plan to give or do for hubby for Father's Day?
- I am still on the planning mode since I can not go out of the house. I might end up asking him to choose what he wants na lang

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