rain... rain

I used to love the rain. I used 'used to' because I associate it with being fun and carefree. Rain = no classes, sweater and jackets, cold water, sleeping and eating.

Now, I am sad when I don't see the sun. This is because it means that my laundry will not dry up; baby and I can't go out; wet front yard, muddy lawn... everything is already associated with being a wife and mom.

Enough with my rainy 'senti', I have to get off now since it is already 11:30. It's time to prepare something. Good thing we had a late breakfast, this means late lunch too. Will read on engagement rings later. One of my brothers will ask me to look one soon. He already plans to propose to his new gf... someone I haven't met yet so I am a little bit reluctant with her...

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