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Christmas = cold. This is the season when it is best to cuddle and sleep. This is the time to relax and just enjoy the holidays.

This year, Christmas break is the season for general cleaning. It will be the time to organize and set the house. I was thinking of starting at the living room. the last time we were at the mall, we got several storage boxes already that we will use in organizing the children's toys. The store was offering 50% on these items so we got a few. These are great for keeping the toys since it is transparent. It is easier for the girls to see what's inside because they can see the contents from outside. Aside from those, I hope to find boxes that can also serve as stools. These 2-in-1 items are really great for small homes.

Next is the kitchen. I am keen on buying pots and pans since those that we have now are already on the 'retiring mode'. It would be great to have matching sets. I might even be inspired to use these often. Then we have the bedroom. It would be good if we have a vacuum cleaner that we could use to clean the beds. I think there are bed bugs living on our beds already.

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. This is great to end the year and to start a new one. 

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