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Despite having limited budget, I thank God because he has been continually blessing our growing family. Dad decided that he would bring carpenters with him when he fetches us. He brought 4 and they worked on our room. They finalized the 2nd floor’s room division and they custom-made my cabinet. I prefer it over the old one that we have because it suits my taste :p. I like the drawers, the cabinets and most of all, the shelves. It isn't finished yet (the finishing touches is reserved for G) but I appreciate it already. If G could make it like those that I see onmanufactured home, it would be the best Anniversary gift from him

Aside from our room, the extra room next to ours is also okay already. The old cabinet is inside and for the mean time, it will serve as G's dressing room. When we return, I hope to find time to make it as the girls' room. The house help will take the third floor as her room (which will be another project). 

For now, I am really happy with what's happening. It may take a little more time before the house is finished but at least there are some improvements along the way. To God be the Glory, everything is lifted up to Him. Thank you Lord for making dad share his blessings! 

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