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I hate the groceries in Cauayan. All, as in, every grocery store does not give change (in coins) if its less than a peso... and they DO NOT accept 25 centavos anymore. I would ask for coins whenever I pay but the cashier would usually answer that they don't have change. Some offer those candies which I do not want either. If this is the case, then why don't they just round off the price of their candies to the nearest peso...

This action is accepted in this part of the country. It is continuously repeated and people tolerate it. They give in to this and that's it. If only people knew how much they are losing and how much these grocery stores gain from their less than a peso change. I am not even sure if this is reported to the DTI and if DTI does something about it. To avoid arguing with the cashier, I always end up using the credit card for my transactions. I hope people will speak up. It is a challenge coins are diminishing, but this is not an excuse. 

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