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There are times when I can't help but think of my life when I was a little younger. When I graduated from College, the first thing that I wanted to do was to pursue Medicine. This changed when I joined SFC. That time, all I wanted was to volunteer to the ministry. I was so engrossed with the life of serving other people that it was all I wanted. But my parents wanted otherwise. They wanted me to be more productive and try other things. That's when I gave in and started the family business.

Looking back, if given the chance, I would have pursued my volunteer work. I may not have ended with the CFC-SFC Ministry, I would have sourced out and looked for volunteering abroad. If I was persistent enough then, I would have found different organizations like www.isvolunteers.orgthat send people to other countries to help. This is like travelling with a cause. You get to visit another country and while you are there, you experience life in another perspective. It would have been a fulfilling experience being with other people and doing something good for them. Countries are not limited to Asia. The organization sends people to Africa, America, Australia, New Zealand, and anywhere around the globe. Volunteer work can be by wildlife conservation, community development, environment management and children's program. 

If I am still younger and I am on a crossroad on where I should go. Maybe, it will be fruitful if i join any volunteer abroad programs. In case one of my children would want to experience this, I would definitely support them. This is so great that it can make a person even better. Such a selfless thing to work for other and for the betterment of the community. If I am still able to work well, when I aged, I would still want to volunteer here. It is such as blessing sharing your time and talent.

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