home makeover

I have been wanting to do a little makeover on our home for sometime now. There are instances when I am about to start but end up not doing anything at all. Either I get lazy or I don't get the look that I wanted. 

These days, I do not have a housemate again. I cannot do anything once the kids are up. They tend to scatter their toys whenever they see the chance. They either bring out their dolls or spread the small toys on the floor. So instead of 'fixing the furniture and moving it around, I always end up picking up their stuff. At first, I thought that furniture wheels will do good on our home furniture but when I saw them pushing the chairs around, I thought otherwise. This would have been more convenient for me since it is easier to move furniture from one place to another - but it is fun for them. 

I wish, I could start the makeover soon. I have started checking on possible 'designs' for my limited budget. I guess I'll just have to wait for the kids to grow more. 

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