up then down

Our internet connection has been on and off for several months now.  It pisses me off because I only get to work online when the kids are sleeping and yet I get slow connection. I spend more time waiting rather than working on what I need to do. I am just waiting for the lock in period to expire and then we’re off SmartBro. We are considering the cable internet (for the price we are paying now, we can avail both internet and cable connection) or the WIMAX (lower price) which we can carry around anywhere we go.

Internet is my reliever whenever I feel so stressed looking after the kids. This is where I find anything I want. I can search for brown wire lights even on May and Christmas is more than 6 months away. I can sell online anything that we are not using now. This is also  the reason why I also want to have a new android phone (so I can surf whenever I am able :p) I am also planning to buy a television that is internet ready which makes access easier and more convenient.

I only have 6 months more with the up and down service of my ISP. I hope with these remaining months, everything will go well with the internet connection. I might still avail their service if the price I pay for their service is compensated well.

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