sleepless nights

After several months of him waiting, we finally met. Christian Grey is something. He has been the reason why I prefer to sleepless. He makes me relax and gives me the chance to think and put my mind into work.

It has been sometime since I sat down and read a book. If I remember it right, the last time was when I was still pregnant with Achi. This was the time when I can do anything without thinking of chores or little kids doing some things. Thanks to ebooks, I am back to my reading mode.

Several months back, someone from my yahoogroup gave out a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. As much as I wanted to join those who were talking about it, I can't because I cannot read my copy. My pdf was not working. But with this new phone that I got for Mother's day, I was able to download my copy. I was not able to read it immediately because I just can't start one. But when I finally got bored playing tetris, I was hooked with him.

The first book was too wild for me. I skipped most of the part. I am now on the second book, Fifty Shades of Freed and I am liking it more. I still skip the kinky part but I loved the flow of the story. I just finished reading the impromptu proposal and I can't wait to continue. It is past 2am and I still want more.

What I am trying to say is... I need to finish it asap so I can go back to work. I have a shop that needs more polishing and a household to run... I just can't wait to end my fascination with Grey. 

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