our 10th

We've gone a long way. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary on Sunday. Just like what we had 10 years ago, it will be another simple celebration with people closest to our hearts. Instead of with few friends, we will have it with the kids  

10 years ago, we only dreamed of having 3 kids and a house of our own, a business and a happy family. Now it is slowly becoming a reality. Who would have thought that after several years of infertility, we now have 3 little kiddos growing up really fast. Who would have thought that we would live on our own, literally, since we cannot find a househelp. Who would have thought that online business is possible, so even if I don't get to go out often I still have an additional income.

A happy family is what really matters this time. Healthy and happy, fun-filled home and endless experiences is all that we can associate our past years together. It's time to celebrate. I wanted to give a lp conga drums at musician's friend but tatay would appreciate it more if we use the money for GwenMari Online. It can still wait.

I can't wait for Sunday. We'll just eat out, meet a buyer and celebrate  

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