How To Get Your Kids To Play Outdoors?

Jun 22, 2017 |

 Earlier, kids used to play outdoors with their friends. Now, the scenario has changed a lot. Nowadays, kids’ eyes are always glued to the television screens, gadgets and phones. This is not a good thing. As a parent you must advice your kids to play outdoors for the betterment of their health and growth.

A tip – You can create an outdoor space for your kid if you have a backyard in your residence and keep kids outdoor play equipment out there. Clear the backyard and cut overgrown grasses. Hire a professional to do this task. Add swing, tire swing, sandboxes in the backyard, so that your child can spend some quality time here. Engage your kid in gardening. For more info on kids outdoor play equipment, check this out!

Avoid technology – In the present times, kids, teenagers spend at least 8 hours on television, cell phones, social media, laptops and video games and so on. The eyesight of your child can be severely damaged if he or she will spend half of the day on technology and electronics. You must not let your child to do it. It is said that kids of 8 to 18 years of age must spend either one or two hours on media and electronics. Don’t let your son to watch television prior to bedtime. Make a schedule for your kid to use technology per day. Keep 2 hours in a day, in which your kid will watch her favourite television shows, play video games, do net surfing and other things. Maintain the schedule. And then tell her to play with her friends in the outdoors or play with kids cubby houses Australia. Take the mobile of your son or daughter when he is going to play outdoors. It is a fact that those kids who play outdoors for a quality time are more creative, have problem-solving skills and are even attentive than those kids who stay indoors. Additionally, kids who play out with their playmates perform well academically. 

Things to do – Switch off the television when your child is having her meal. Don’t keep computers, laptops and video games in your child’s room otherwise your child will keep on using the electronic gadgets for long hours. Restrict your kids to use laptop for more hours in their leisure time. Your kids should understand that there are more ways to spend the leisure time without using any gadgets. Purchase some comic books, story books for your kids. You can admit your kid in a music class, dance class and swimming too. 

Use Playground – You can take your kid to the nearby playground, where equipment and plays, like slides, swings and others, are present for the kids. Your kid will get more playmates in the park or playground for playing. 

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